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The Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice (ASLTIP) provides information and a contact point for members of the public searching for a private Speech and Language Therapists. For its members, ASLTIP provides support and information on working as a independent Speech and Language Therapist within the United Kingdom.

All ASLTIP members are registered members of both the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and the Health & Care Professions Council and are committed to good business standards.

ASLTIP holds a register of its members and provides a searchable database of speech therapists who are available to members of the public.

Speech and Language Therapists assess communication and swallowing problems and then give treatment to enable people to communicate to the best of their ability, and/or advice on safe swallowing. Speech therapists work with the client's family where necessary and may also give advice to schools and medical personnel.

Independent Speech and Language Therapists will offer an initial consultation which will usually include an assessment (formal or informal) and a report setting out the findings. The purpose of this consultation is to ascertain the need for speech therapy and to gather information which will form a base-line for therapy.

If speech therapy is required, the therapist will offer a series of speech and language therapy sessions which are specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual.

To locate a speech therapist in your region, use the ASLTIP on-line database.

ASLTIP is run by a Board of Directors led by the Chair who are elected by the membership. This executive is supported by Consultants who complete or advise on specific projects. The executive is re-elected every two years.

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